Terms of Services

  1. Introduction
    1. Thank you for choosing our applications for taking your personal note/diaries. People can easily create notes where they can write their notes and then share them with their friends. We really appreciate you have decided to visit one of our websites, where you can immediately start using our services ("Services"). Before you do so, we advise you to read carefully through these Terms of Use ("Terms") which constitute a legally binding agreement between you and EngineStart.
    2. These Terms have been drawn up in more language versions. You are obliged to choose the language of the website that allows you to fully understand the meaning of the Terms before you start using our Services. By using our Services you express your understanding of the Terms and agree to be bound by the Terms.
  2. How it works
    1. It is not permitted to use our Services if you are a minor under age 13 ("thirteen"). We wanted to make things as simple and easy-to-use as possible so we do not require any registration. All you need to do is log in with your Google account. In order to start using our Services, you need to grant us a permission to access certain information within your Google profile specified during the first login session.
    2. Our Services are offered in two different versions: free and premium. You decide which version you are going to use and you can change your mind at any time, subject to the provisions of these Terms. The scope and the features of each version may be altered from time to time, but we undertake to inform you about such changes at our websites or via e-mail.
    3. Your conduct and any content uploaded to our Service shall always be in compliance with law applicable to you based on your nationality and/or current location and the laws of the United State. You shall not include any offensive comments, defame, libel, threaten, intimidate or abuse anyone or violate any rights of any third party, without limitation to intellectual property rights, i.e. copyright or trademark rights, to name just a few.
    4. If we have any reason to believe that your conduct or the uploaded content is in contravention with the applicable law or the principles of our company, we will inform you about it and it is at our sole discretion to take all reasonable measures, including termination of your rights to use our Services or removal of the uploaded content without any compensation.
  3. Premium version and payment conditions
    1. The premium version of our Services includes all the features of the free version and additional premium features. The complete list of all the premium features is available at our websites. You can switch to the premium version of our Services at any time.
    2. The premium version is offered as prepaid service. The subscription periods, prices (including all the taxes - if applicable) and available payment methods are displayed at our websites. You can start using the premium version after your order of the premium version is confirmed by e-mail and your payment is credited to our account.
    3. You are entitled to terminate our relationship based on these Terms within 14 days after the confirmation of your order provided that you have not begun using our Services (by "begun" we mean your first login after the receipt of your payment). When you start using the premium version, the payment for the premium version is non-refundable.
    4. In order to proceed with your order of the premium version, we need you to provide us with certain personal information necessary for the successful completion of the transaction. This information will be used for confirmation of your order and the invoicing purposes.
    5. We will not archive the order of the premium version or its confirmation. The description of the ordering procedure and its confirmation and the available languages are displayed at our websites.
    6. You will be informed no later than 5 days before the expiration of your subscription period about the steps of a subscription renewal procedure so you can continue using the premium version. If you decide not to do so, you will be allowed to use only the free version. Furthermore, the access to all the premium features and the content created in the premium version will be suspended until you upgrade back to the premium version.
  4. License conditions
    1. We reserve all rights to the content of our Services (including, without limitation, names, trademarks, software, videos, images, graphic, sounds), unless expressly stipulated otherwise in these Terms.
    2. We grant you a non-exclusive, time-limited and revocable license to use the content of our Services strictly for your own personal and non-commercial purpose. The license in non-transferable and it may be revoked at any time when we have a reasonable assumption that you do not comply with the Terms. You do not acquire any rights to the content of our Services except for those which are set forth in these Terms.
    3. By adding, uploading or sharing your content within our Services you:
      1. grant us non-exclusive, royalty- free, timely and territorially unrestricted license to all the means of use of your content. However, we are not obliged to make use of it;
      2. agree that we are entitled to grant a sublicense to your content to a third party in order to maintain the accessibility and operability of our Services;
      3. give us consent to grant a sublicense to your content to other users of our Services, depending on your settings of the sharing options within our Services ("sharing settings").
    4. Depending on your sharing settings, your content and personal information may be accessible to other users of our Services or may be indexed for the purposes of searching within our Services.
  5. Liability and costs
    1. Though we use our best efforts to provide the Services at the high level of quality and strive to prevent any loss or damage of your data, we are not liable for any temporary unavailability of the Services or any occasional loss or damage of your stored data. In order to avoid such loss or damage, please, back up your data on a regular basis.
    2. The Services are provided "as is" on a commercially reasonable basis, at your own risk, without any express or implied warranty. To the fullest extend permitted by law, in no event will we neither be liable for any indirect, special, punitive or consequential damages nor aggregate liability for all claims in connection to the Services more than the amount paid by you for the past six months of the provision of our Services.
    3. You are solely responsible for your content. We have no obligation to pre-screen or monitor your content or the content of any third party. We are not liable for any content you add, upload or share within our Services.
    4. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim of any third party due to or arising out of your breach of these Terms.
    5. We shall have no liability whatsoever for the accuracy or relevance of the content available within our Services. We do not guarantee suitability of the content for any particular use, including without limitation for the academic purposes or practical application.
    6. You bear your own costs and expenses incurred in connection with using our Services. No matter which version you choose you bear the cost of using the means of distance communication (e.g. internet connection fees).
  6. Privacy policy
    1. We devote the utmost effort to protect your personal data. All the relevant issues concerning personal data processing are included in our "Privacy policy", which constitutes inseparable part of these Terms and is hereby incorporated by reference. By using our Services you express your agreement to our Privacy policy.
  7. Miscellaneous
    1. We may change the Terms at our sole discretion but we will inform you about that by a message sent to your e-mail address indicated in your Google profile. The most recent version of the Terms is always available at our websites.
    2. The relationship between you and us established by these Terms is governed by the laws of the United State without any prejudice to the rule of public order in your place of habitual residence. You nonetheless must comply with all the local, state and federal laws applicable to you in your jurisdiction.
    3. In the event of any dispute or controversy ("dispute") related to our Services, you agree to use your best efforts to resolve the dispute with us amicably. If the mutual amicable resolution is not reached within 30 days since the beginning of the negotiations, the dispute shall be settled by the competent courts of the United State.