My Diary

Keep your private diary and journal in the cloud, features clean, simple and elegant.


  • Clean interface, no hassle or tricks.
  • Publish your diaries on the web by one click.
  • Optional label to organize your diaries.
  • Sort/focus mode/spell/grammar check and more.
  • Themes and fonts to customize your diary.
  • Popup rich editor, format your text just a breeze.
  • Import your diaries from another account.
  • Stay private, secure and elegant.
  • Export your data to Google Drive by a click.
  • Mail your diary to other people.
  • Create diary by sending email to
  • Available in Amazon AppStore.
  • Support all tablets(iPad, Android tablet...), just type in your mobile browser and click Log in, your data is synchronized across all your devices(desktop/laptop/Chromebook/tablet)

User comments

I want to say that I enjoy using My Diary. It is fast to access, elegant and simple to use-- perfect for journal writing.

I find this to be very useful: much better than trying to keep track of a paper and pen diary.

An AWESOME tool that I use for my daily Journal! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

I love the handwriting they put in it!

i love this app because you can write your personal info and nobody has to know what you wrote.

My diary is Nice and private. No one can ever sneak it out of your dresser or out from under your bed and read it! Also writing my life down is so relaxing and it makes me extremely content. When I opened this app, I almost cried. But no tears of sadness shall be spilt upon this electronic diary. No; not from me...

-From Chrome Web Store users